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C2 Platform generic roles for MS Windows that are used by all or some other roles. These roles typically don’t create services / processes on target node but are dependencies e.g. packages required by those roles. Or these roles help with Ansible provisioning for example offers generic Ansible modules, filters etc.


  • download  manage downloads.
  • win  manage users, features, services, scheduled_tasks, packages ( chocolatey), files, directories etc.


Module plugins:


The c2platform.wincore.win_certificate module allows you to create TLS/SSL certificates. It provides four variables: dns_name, validity_days (default: 365), store_location (default: Cert:\LocalMachine\My), and state (default: present). The example below demonstrates how to create a TLS/SSL certificate and use it to configure an IIS HTTPS Binding on port 443 using module

- name: Manage certificate
    dns_name: "{{ ansible_hostname }}"
    validity_days: 3650
    state: present
  register: _cert

- name: Add a HTTPS binding
    name: "{{ arcgis_webadaptor_ssl_certificate_iis_web_site_name }}"
    protocol: https
    port: 443
    ip: '*'
    certificate_hash: "{{ _cert.thumbPrint }}"
    state: present
  when: '"thumbPrint" in _cert'


To retrieve a list of installed packages and store it in the Ansible fact installed_packages, you can utilize the c2platform.wincore.win_package_facts module. Below is an example that demonstrates how to use this module to install Microsoft Web Deploy, but only if it is not already installed.

- name: Get Installed packages

- name: Display Installed Packages
    var: ansible_facts.installed_packages

- name: Install WebDeploy for IIS
    path: '{{ arcgis_webadaptor_temp_dir["path"] }}\{{ arcgis_webadaptor_versions[arcgis_webadaptor_version]["webdeploy"]["url"] | basename }}'
    arguments: 'ADDLOCAL=ALL LicenseAccepted="0"'
    state: present
  when: '"Microsoft Web Deploy 3.6" not in ansible_facts.installed_packages'

In this example, the win_package_facts module is used to collect information about installed packages on the Windows system and store it in the installed_packages fact. Additionally, it demonstrates how to conditionally install Microsoft Web Deploy only if it is not already present in the list of installed packages.