Managing Downloads Example for MS Windows Hosts

Learn how to efficiently manage downloads using the Ansible role. This example demonstrates how to download ArcGIS software using this role.

Projects: c2platform/rws/ansible-gis, c2platform.wincore, c2platform.gis

In the RWS Ansible Inventory project c2platform/rws/ansible-gis, the c2platform.gis.arcgis_portal role is employed to install ArcGIS Portal.

This role leverages the role to efficiently download and extract a zip file containing ArcGIS Portal.

When reviewing the Ansible role roles/arcgis_portal in the c2platform.gis Ansible collection, take note of the following:

  1. defaults/main.yml: Pay attention to the arcgis_portal_versions dictionary, which defines the versions that can be installed by the role.
  2. The arcgis_portal_versions dictionary is also used by the download role. In the file tasks/download.yml, you can observe the inclusion of the role and the passing of the arcgis_portal_versions dictionary as a variable. Additionally, the arcgis_portal_temp_dir is passed to the download role.
  3. In tasks/main.yml, the role is included again, this time to “cleanup” downloaded files and/or created download directories.

By utilizing the role, you can efficiently delegate the management of downloads, specifying what to download, where to download, whether to use a proxy, and how to extract files. This eliminates the need to duplicate this type of code in each product role.

For a more comprehensive understanding of the download role’s functionality, refer to the download role in the c2platform.wincore Ansible collection.

For an example of how to integrate the download role, please see the Ansible role roles/arcgis_portal in the c2platform.gis Ansible collection.