Making RWS Software and License Files Available for Ansible

Make necessary ( ArcGIS ) software and licenses for Ansible on Windows gsd nodes using Vagrant Sync Folders.

Projects: c2platform/rws/ansible-gis

The c2platform/rws/ansible-gis project streamlines the process of making essential software and licenses accessible for Ansible on Windows gsd nodes, such as gsd-agserver1, by leveraging Vagrant Sync Folders.

Follow these steps to make ArcGIS software and licenses available for Ansible:

Prepare .sync_folders.yml

Create a file named .sync_folders.yml in the root of c2platform/rws/ansible-gis project and populate it with content similar to the example below. Modify the src path to correspond to your local folder containing the necessary software and license files. This configuration file will be utilized by the Vagrantfile within the c2platform/rws/ansible-gis project to establish a folder mount within the VM, specifically at C:\arcgis-software-repo.

- src: /software/projects/rws/
  target: /arcgis-software-repo

Provide Software and Licenses

As an example my local folder is shown below:

onknows@io3:~$ tree /software/projects/rws/ -L 2
├── dotnet-hosting-6.0.16-win.exe
├── license
│   └── ags.ecp
└── WebDeploy_amd64_en-US.msi

This will make the ArcGIS Server software available in gsd-agserver1 with path C:\arcgis-software-repo\

Vagrant up or reload

After creating .sync_folders.yml Vagrant will create the mount for your local software folder when you do a vagrant up or vagrant reload command.


If you connect to the VM using VirtualBox Manager you should be able to see the mount C:\arcgis-software-repo.