Setting Up Project Directories for RWS

Learn how to clone RWS Git repositories using the clone script and install Ansible Galaxy Roles and Collections to set up your development environment efficiently.

Run the Clone Script

sudo apt install git -y
export GIT_USER= # your gitlab user
export GIT_MAIL= # your gitlab mail
eval `ssh-agent -s`
curl -s -L | bash

Create rws Alias

As part of setting up the C2 development environment see Setup Project Directory and Install Ansible we created two aliases c2 and c2-home.

alias c2-home='cd ~/git/gitlab/c2/ansible-dev'
alias c2='c2-home && source ~/.virtualenv/c2d/bin/activate'

For RWS development we create the rws alias as shown below.

alias rws='c2 && cd ~/git/gitlab/c2/ansible-gis'

Install Ansible Collections and Roles

Navigate to the root of the Ansible project and activate the Ansible virtual environment using the `rws`` alias. Then, install roles and collections as follows:

source ~/.bashrc
rws # activate the RWS Ansible Virtual Environment
ansible-galaxy install -r roles/requirements.yml --force --no-deps -p roles/external
ansible-galaxy collection install -r collections/requirements.yml -p .

By following these steps, you’ll have your project directories set up and be ready for RWS development.