Access the RWS Development Environment with Firefox

Learn how to access the RWS Development Environment through Firefox by configuring a dedicated profile, importing the C2 CA Root certificate, and setting up a forward proxy.

Create a Firefox Profile

It is strongly recommended to create a dedicated Firefox profile to keep your regular browsing separate from accessing the RWS Development Environment. You can do this by following Mozilla’s guide on Profile Manager - Create, remove or switch Firefox profiles 

You can access the Firefox Profile Manager in two ways:

  1. By running the command firefox -no-remote -P.
  2. Alternatively, you can simply type about:profiles in the Firefox address bar to create and manage your Firefox profiles.

Once you have your dedicated profile ready, proceed with the following settings.

Configure Network Settings

In your dedicated profile, configure the following network settings:

HTTP Proxy1.1.5.205
Also use for HTTPS

Import CA Bundle

To prevent continuous TLS/SSL certificate errors when accessing the services, import the C2 root certificate located at ~/git/gitlab/c2/ansible-gis/.ca/c2/c2.crt through the Firefox Certificates settings.


Navigate to  . You should see the text “Apache is alive.” If you encounter this message, your browser is correctly configured to access services from the GIS platform.