Setup ArcGIS Portal and Web Adaptors using Ansible

Install ArcGIS Portal and ArcGIS Web Adaptors on gsd-agportal1 using Ansible.

Projects: c2platform/rws/ansible-gis, c2platform.wincore, c2platform.gis

This how-to describes how to create the ArcGIS Portal  instance gsd-agportal1 using the arcgis_portal role Ansible role that is part of the c2platform.gis Ansible collection. Provisioning of this node also creates two ArcGIS Web Adaptor  instances, one for ArcGIS Portal and one for ArcGIS Server running on gsd-agserver1. See Setup ArcGIS Server using Ansible.



To set up your environment, follow these steps using Vagrant:

  1. Run the following command to execute two plays: plays/gis/portal.yml and plays/gis/web_adaptor.yml on the gsd-portal1 virtual machine.
vagrant up gsd-portal1
  1. Alternatively, if you prefer to run these plays separately, you can use the following commands:
export PLAY=plays/gis/portal.yml
vagrant up gsd-portal1 --provision
export PLAY=plays/gis/web_adaptor.yml
vagrant up gsd-portal1 --provision

Choose the option that best suits your needs to configure the gsd-portal1 virtual machine.


Select Show in the GUI in VirtualBox Manager for gsd-portal1 and then Login and then start FireFox.

ArcGIS Portal

Navigate to https://gsd-agportal1:7443/arcgis/  and then select Sign In and login using credentials below. Navigate to https://gsd-agportal1:7443/arcgis/portaladmin  and then select Sign In and login using credentials below.


ArcGIS Web Adapter

  1. Navigate to https://gsd-agportal1/portal/webadaptor  . You should see the ArcGIS Web Adapter configuration wizard.
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  1. Navigate to IIS Manager can check the configuration for example the HTTPS binding on port 443 with certificate gsd-agportal1.
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ArcGIS Server ( via Web Adaptor )

Using credentials below navigate to ArcGIS Server Administrator Directory  and navigate to ArcGIS Server Manager  and login.


ArcGIS Portal ( via Web Adaptor ) 


To gain a better understanding of how the ArcGIS Portal is created using Ansible, you can review the following:

In Ansible playbook project c2platform/ansible:

ArcGIS Portal Play

  1. Vagrantfile.yml: This file configures the gsd-agportal1 node with the gis/portal playbook. This file is read in the Vagrantfile.
  2. hosts-dev.ini: The inventory file assigns the gsd-agportal1 node to the gs_portal Ansible group.

ArcGIS Web Adaptor Play