Deploy Rancher on Kubernetes

Deploy Rancher on MicroK8s

Projects: c2platform/ansible,

This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions for deploying Rancher on MicroK8s Kubernetes on node gsd-rancher1. On this node Ansible will provision first MicroK8s and then deploy Rancher on it. The Kubernetes Dashboard will then be enabled. After provision Rancher will be available via  and the dashboard will be available via  .



Create the reverse and forward proxy c2d-rproxy1.

unset PLAY  # ensure all plays run
vagrant up c2d-rproxy1

For more information about the various roles that c2d-rproxy1 performs in this project:


Create and provision the node with the following command:

vagrant up c2d-rancher1


With the reverse proxy c2d-rproxy provisioned and successfully running see Getting Started you should be able to navigate to  or  and login.