Instructions for setup creating a local Kubernetes instance and managing it with Ansible  and / or a GitOps  workflow. The default is Microk8s  but Rancher  is also supported.

Setup Kubernetes

Create Kubernetes cluster / instance on c2d-ks1.

Setup the Kubernetes Dashboard

Setup the Kubernetes Dashboard and access the dashboard.

Setup a GitLab GitOps workflow for Kubernetes

Create Kubernetes cluster on node c2d-ks1 and manage it using GitLab Agent.

Setup DNS for Kubernetes

Create a DNS server on c2d-rproxy so we can for example resolve c2platform.org.

GitLab Pipelines in Kubernetes

Running GitLab pipelines in Kubernetes using local GitLab instance c2d-gitlab.

Gitlab Runner on Kubernetes

Install Gitlab Runner on Kubernetes

GitLab using Operator

Create GitLab instance using operators

Install Gitlab Agent

Install Gitlab Agent on Kubernetes

Deploy Rancher on Kubernetes

Deploy Rancher on MicroK8s

Secret for SSL/TLS Certificate

Create Kubernetes Secret for SSL/TLS Certificate

Troubleshoot Kubernetes Deployments with Debug Containers

Learn how to deploy debug containers for effective troubleshooting.

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