Install Vagrant and Vagrant Plugins

Install Vagrant, Vagrant plugin vagrant-lxd, vagrant-windows-sysprep and enable Vagrant autocomplete.

To install Vagrant, follow these steps:

  1. Install Vagrant: begin by downloading and installing the appropriate Vagrant package for your operating system:

    sudo wget
    sudo dpkg -i vagrant_2.3.1-1_amd64.deb
  2. Install Plugins and Enable Autocomplete: to extend Vagrant’s functionality with the vagrant-lxd and vagrant-registration plugins, and to enable Vagrant command completion  , execute the following:

    vagrant plugin install vagrant-lxd vagrant-registration
    vagrant autocomplete install --bash
  3. Install the Vagrant Windows Sysprep Provisioner: Additionally, install a custom version of the Vagrant Windows Sysprep Provisioner  . This version is designed to work idempotently, enabling you to prepare Windows installations for reuse using Sysprep  . Follow these steps:

    vagrant plugin install vagrant-windows-sysprep-*.gem
  4. Optional: Automate Red Hat Linux VM Registration: for those utilizing Red Hat Linux VMs, streamline the registration and unsubscription process by setting up RHEL_DEV_ACCOUNT and RHEL_DEV_SECRET environment variables. Refer to Streamlining RHEL Registration and Subscription Automation for detailed guidance.