Setup a Development Environment on Ubuntu 22

Install Ansible, Vagrant, LXD, Virtualbox and clone the project directories.

This how-to provides instructions for configuring your development environment on your laptop. It is designed for individuals using Ubuntu 22.04 as their host operating system. To make it easier to navigate, the how-to pages are thoughtfully ordered in descending order of importance. This allows you to focus on the most crucial configurations first, ensuring a solid foundation for your development environment.

Ubuntu Configuration

Disable Secure Boot, configure Grub for LXD and Enabling Root Access without Password.

Create SSH Keys and Create and Setup a GitLab account

Learn how to use SSH to access C2 Platform GitLab repositories, the recommended and most convenient protocol for Git repositories.

Setup Project Directories and Install Ansible

Clone the Git repositories and install Ansible and Ansible Galaxy Roles and Collections.

Install Vagrant and Vagrant Plugins

Install Vagrant, Vagrant plugin vagrant-lxd, vagrant-windows-sysprep and enable Vagrant autocomplete.

LXD Initialization and Configuration

Install, initialize and configure LXD.

Install VirtualBox

Install VirtualBox, configure Host-Only Networking, and ensure Vagrant synced folders work flawlessly.

Create the Reverse Proxy

Create and provision the c2d-rproxy1, which is an essential prerequisite for a functional development environment.

Configure a FireFox Profile

Setup a FireFox profile for easy access to the environment using a browser.