Managing Server Certificates as a Certificate Authority

Learn how to become your own Certificate Authority (CA) and manage certificates for various services using the cacerts2 Ansible role.

Projects: c2platform/ansible, c2platform.core

This guide explains the process of establishing a simple Certificate Authority (CA) and effectively managing certificates for different services. It utilizes the cacerts2 Ansible role from the c2platform.core collection.


One node is assigned the CA Server role where certificates are created and stored. In this project c2d-rproxy1 is assigned this role. This done in hosts-dev.ini in c2platform/ansible.


The configuration for the CA server is in group_vars/all/smallca.yml.

cacerts2_ca_server: "{{ groups['cacerts_server'][0] }}"
  default: /etc/ownca
  development: /vagrant/.ca
cacerts2_ca_dir: "{{ c2_cacerts2_ca_dir[c2_env]|default(c2_cacerts2_ca_dir['default']) }}"
  common_name: c2
  cipher: auto
  passphrase: "{{ c2_cacerts2_ca_domain_passphrase }}"  # secret see vault
  create: ['key','csr', 'crt', 'p12', 'pem']

The variable c2_env is defined in group_vars/development.yml. Variables prefixed with c2_ are project variables and not role variables. See Variable prefix.

Create CA Server

In Vagrantfile.yml the CA server c2d-rproxy1 is defined as follows:

  - name: rproxy1
    short_description: Reverse Proxy
    description: Apache based reverse proxy
    box: ubuntu18-lxd
      - core/cacerts_server
      - mw/reverse_proxy

Note that this node has two plays one of which is core/cacerts_server.

vagrant up c2d-rproxy1

Note: this project contains a .ca folder with the CA files as shown below. The ( CA ) keys and certificates are stored in the root of project in folder .ca. That way the CA key and certificate can be reused as you destroy and create nodes.

└── c2
    ├── c2.crt
    ├── c2.csr
    └── c2.key

Note: if you remove this .ca folder those CA files will be recreated by the plays/core/cacerts_server play. This is something you might not want because for example if you imported .ca/c2/c2.crt in your internet browser.

Reverse Proxy

Because c2d-rproxy1 has two plays configured we now also have created a reverse proxy server with the plays/mw/reverse_proxy.yml play. Running this play created certificates signed by our small CA. These should now also be present in the .ca folder as shown below. Note: you can remove those certificates, the certificates in apache folder at any time because they will be recreated when plays/mw/reverse_proxy.yml play is executed. The creation of the reverse proxy servers is explained in more detail in Setup Reverse Proxy and CA server.

└── c2
    ├── apache
    │   ├── c2-c2d-rproxy1.crt
    │   ├── c2-c2d-rproxy1.csr
    │   ├── c2-c2d-rproxy1.key
    │   ├── c2-c2d-rproxy1.p12
    │   └── c2-c2d-rproxy1.pem
    ├── c2.crt
    ├── c2.csr
    └── c2.key

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