How to Use the C2 Platform

Step-by-step instructions related to the C2 Platform (C2) reference implementation.

The content in this section is specifically related to the C2 Platform (C2) Reference Implementation, which is contained within the c2platform/ansible project.

Setup Reverse Proxy and CA server

Setup the reverse proxy and Certificate Authority ( CA ) server c2d-rproxy1. This node is a prerequisite for a functional development environment because it performs several roles.

Setup SOCKS proxy

Setup a SOCKS proxy and Firefox profile for easy access to the development environment.

Managing Server Certificates as a Certificate Authority

Learn how to become your own Certificate Authority (CA) and manage certificates for various services using the cacerts2 Ansible role.

Automating Stop-Start Procedures with Ansible

Learn how to automate stop-start routines efficiently using a versatile and adaptable Ansible role.

Docker-in-docker ( dind )

Run DinD locally for example to develop a GitLab CI/CD pipeline that will use this technique