Troubleshooting Automation Hub (Galaxy NG) Kubernetes Deployments

Gain expertise in deploying debug containers to effectively troubleshoot and resolve any issues related to Ansible Automation Hub (Galaxy NG) Kubernetes deployments. This section equips you with the tools to address configuration challenges and ensure smooth operations.

Projects: c2platform/ansible, c2platform/docker/debug, c2platform/rws/ansible-execution-environment

The Ansible inventory project c2platform/ansible holds the configuration for the Ansible Automation Hub ( Galaxy NG ). Within this project, you’ll find settings to deploy three distinct types of debug containers. These containers serve as practical examples, showcasing how, for debugging and troubleshooting purposes, we augment Kubernetes deployments with additional containers within a specific namespace. This approach enhances our efficiency when addressing various tasks related to debugging and maintenance.


Visualize the architecture for deploying debug containers in the Ansible Automation Hub ( Galaxy NG ) namespace: