Connecting the Automation Controller (AWX) to the Automation Hub (Galaxy NG) using Ansible

Learn how to reconfigure AWX to utilize the private Galaxy NG automation hub instead of the public Galaxy website.

Projects: c2platform/ansible,, c2platform.mgmt, ansible-execution-environment

This guide explains how to connect AWX, which can be accessed at  , to Galaxy NG, accessible at  , rather than relying on the public Galaxy website at  . This configuration enables you to have better control over the Ansible content used in your environment.

By following the steps outlined below, you can ensure that AWX only uses curated and approved roles from the public Galaxy site through the introduction of the Automation Hub (Galaxy NG).


Connect using Vagrant

To configure the connection between AWX and Galaxy NG, follow these steps:

  1. In the Ansible inventory project c2platform/ansible, locate the file group_vars/awx/awx.yml. This file contains the AWX configuration.
  2. Edit the variable c2_awx_cred_galaxy_selected, changing its value from Ansible Galaxy to c2-galaxy:
c2_awx_cred_galaxy_selected: c2-galaxy

Now provision using

TAGS=config vagrant provision c2d-awx1

Note: using TAGS=config we only perform the Ansible tasks for AWX configuration. This is optional and is only used top save some provisioning time.

Connect using AWX