Vagrant Windows Sysprep Provisioner

Vagrant plugin to run Windows sysprep as a provisioning step

GitLab: c2platform/rws/vagrant-windows-sysprep 

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This is a Vagrant plugin to sysprep Windows.

NB This was only tested with Vagrant 2.2.14 and Windows Server 2016/2019/2022 and Windows 10 1809.


vagrant plugin install vagrant-windows-sysprep


Add config.vm.provision "windows-sysprep" to your Vagrantfile to sysprep your Windows VM during provisioning or manually run the provisioner with:

vagrant provision --provision-with windows-sysprep

To troubleshoot, set the VAGRANT_LOG environment variable to debug.


In this repo there’s an example Vagrantfile  . Use it to launch an example.

First install the Base Windows 2019 Box  .

Then launch the example:

vagrant up --provider=libvirt # or --provider=virtualbox


To hack on this plugin you need to install Bundler  and other dependencies. On Ubuntu:

sudo apt install bundler libxml2-dev zlib1g-dev

Then use it to install the dependencies:


Build this plugin gem:


Then install it into your local vagrant installation:

vagrant plugin install pkg/vagrant-windows-sysprep-*.gem

You can later run everything in one go:

rake && vagrant plugin uninstall vagrant-windows-sysprep && vagrant plugin install pkg/vagrant-windows-sysprep-*.gem