Ansible Execution Environment for Rijkswaterstaat (RWS)

Ansible Execution Environment for Rijkswaterstaat (RWS)

GitLab: c2platform/rws/ansible-execution-environment 

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This GitLab project provides an Ansible Execution Environment for Rijkswaterstaat (RWS) that is suitable for Ansible Automation Platform (AAP) and AWX. The purpose of this execution environment is to have more control over Python and Ansible versions.


  • Based on for a more recent Python version.

Note: This image is also currently used for c2 GitLab pipelines. As an example, the Ansible collection `c2platform.wincore`  utilizes this image. Refer to the .gitlab-ci.yml for detailed integration instructions.

Getting Started

  1. Clone the GitLab repository to your local machine.
  2. Modify the execution-environment.yml file to make the necessary changes to the environment. This file is used by ansible-builder.
  3. Remove the context folder.
  4. Run ansible-builder create to update the context folder with a Dockerfile and a _build directory containing all the build artifacts.
  5. Perform local testing by running ansible-builder build to create and test the image locally.
  6. Use Ansible Navigator with a test play to verify that the image is working.

Creating a New Image

To create a new image, you can push your changes to the GitLab repository. This will trigger a pipeline that automatically creates a new image based on the latest changes. Update

Creating a New Release

If you want to create a new release of the execution environment, update the and commit and push your changes.

Repository Files

  1. .gitlab-ci.yml: This file contains the CI/CD pipeline configuration. It defines the stages and jobs required for building, releasing, and deploying the execution environment.
  2. execution-environment.yml: This file specifies the dependencies and additional build steps for creating the execution environment. Modify this file to make changes to the environment.
  3. This file contains the version information of the execution environment. Update this file when creating a new release.

More Information

For more details information on how this image can be created, tested and used see Create custom Ansible Execution Environment | C2 Platform