Run Robot tests on Kubernetes using GitLab


GitLab: c2platform/examples/kubernetes/gitlab-robot 

This project demonstrates how we can run Robot Framework  tests on MicroK8s  Kubernetes cluster running on c2d-ks1 using GitLab Runner running in the cluster. In this project the GitLab Runner is installed in the namespace nja where the nj “helloworld” application is running. This allows us to create tests that use internal endpoints. For example test/chrome.robot  has two tests, one using the internal endpoint, one using the external endpoint.


Create Kubernetes cluster

Create local Kubernetes cluster on c2d-ks.

Deploy hellworld app

Install GitLab Runner

In this project Shared Runners are of course turned off. The .gitlab-ci.yml  in this project only contains one stage and job, which we want to delegate to Kubernetes running locally which we can do by installing a GitLab Runner inside the cluster.

Run test

Navigate to gitlab-robot pipelines  and select Run pipeline to start the Robot tests.