Open Source Working Demands Trust and Courage

Article by Boris van Hoytema (BZK) about exploring transformative potential of open source in government and the challenges it presents.

In this article from Digitale Overheid, Boris van Hoytema, the Kwartiermaker OSPO (Open Source Program Office) at the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK), discusses the importance of open source in government. He emphasizes open source’s role in enhancing autonomy, collaboration, and public value creation while reducing risks. Boris highlights that while open source is widely used, there are challenges to adopting it within government, including the need for a change in mindset. He explains how open source can help governments regain autonomy and sovereignty and offers insights into the value of transparency in public service delivery. Boris’s role is to address these challenges and promote open source adoption within the government.

Open source werken vraagt om vertrouwen en lef 

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