Open, unless

An open approach facilitates the reuse of ideas and code, not only within projects but even across different organizations.

Open Source is more than a license; it is also a way of working. Adopting an “open” approach is crucial in the context of automation projects for the Dutch government to achieve the necessary productivity and flexibility.

An open approach within automation projects not only promotes the sharing of code and ideas within a project but also between different organizations. This enhances collaboration and enables working together on common challenges and solutions.

Within the Dutch government, open source software (OSS) plays a crucial role in fostering an open approach. By utilizing open source software, organizations can benefit from existing solutions, contribute to the community, and collaborate on the development of robust and reliable systems.

The C2 Platform, as an open automation platform for the Dutch government, supports and encourages the use of open source software and an open approach. By sharing knowledge and experiences, fostering collaboration, and promoting code reuse, the platform contributes to the growth and innovation of automation projects across the government.

With an open approach, automation projects can evolve from Infrastructure-as-Code to Event-driven Automation, enabling the Dutch government to systematically automate and improve its IT service delivery and management. The result is a more efficient and flexible IT infrastructure that can better adapt to changes and meet the needs of the citizens and organizations served by the government.

Government Policy: Open, Unless

The government aims to make software open source, unless it is not possible for legal reasons. This increases transparency, collaboration, and software security, promotes efficiency and innovation, and reduces vendor dependence.

Open Source Working Demands Trust and Courage

Article by Boris van Hoytema (BZK) about exploring transformative potential of open source in government and the challenges it presents.

Avoiding Abandon-Ware: Getting to Grips with the Open Development Method

The Open Development Method: a collaborative and community-driven approach to software development, and its potential impact on education, emphasizing the need for long-term commitment and adaptation to new practices.

Open Source Work: Beyond Voluntarism

Report on the open source strategy of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK).

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