GitLab Ultimate

Unlimited and unrestricted usage of an advanced software development platform for all disciplines, from version control to project management and CI/CD workloads.

The C2 Platform is part of the GitLab Open Source Program  , which means C2 Platform projects have standard access to GitLab Ultimate.

GitLab Ultimate provides developers and teams with a comprehensive set of tools and features to streamline and optimize the software development, testing, and deployment process. GitLab Ultimate is an enhanced version of the GitLab software development platform, offering additional features and capabilities not available in the standard version. Some of the key features of GitLab Ultimate include:

  1. Security: GitLab Ultimate offers advanced security features, such as integrated security scanning and access rights management.
  2. DevOps: GitLab Ultimate includes a complete DevOps platform, enabling teams to work on software development, testing, and deployment from a single interface.
  3. High availability: GitLab Ultimate provides high availability, ensuring the platform is always accessible to developers and their teams.
  4. Analytics: GitLab Ultimate offers powerful analytics features that allow teams to gain insights into their performance and identify areas for improvement.
  5. Kubernetes: GitLab Ultimate includes advanced integrations with Kubernetes, making it easy to manage and deploy container applications.