Clear and comprehensive documentation that fosters collaboration and optimizes automation projects.

Why Documentation Matters

In the whirlwind of automation and infrastructure management, our documentation is not just a luxury—it’s an absolute necessity. Here’s why:

1. Accessibility

Whether you’re an automation novice or a seasoned engineer, our documentation ensures everyone can grasp, implement, and optimize automation projects with ease.

2. Empowerment

We’re all about empowering users to unleash the full potential of our platform. Consider our documentation your trusted guide, providing the knowledge and tools to automate effectively, efficiently, and securely.

3. Best Practices

Beyond tool usage, we offer insights into using automation tools correctly. Dive into best practices, guidelines, and real-world examples to align your projects with industry standards and security practices.

4. Collaboration

Documentation fosters collaboration. We encourage users to contribute, share insights, and collaboratively enhance our documentation. Together, we keep the documentation updated with the latest innovations and best practices.

Where to Find Documentation

1. C2 Platform Website

Journey to our central hub at Uncover a treasure trove of documentation, from concepts and how-to guides to guidelines and getting started resources. It’s your gateway to the full spectrum of automation tools and projects within the platform’s ecosystem.

For instance, explore how-to documents for Ansible Automation Platform ( AAP ). Set up a fully functional AWX instance with a single command vagrant up c2d-awx1 in just 8 minutes, complete with configured job templates ready to run.

2. Files

In GitLab projects tied to the C2 Platform, discover in-depth information in files specific to each project type. For more on Ansible projects, delve into Ansible Projects.

Join the Documentation Community

The C2 Platform documentation is a dynamic and evolving resource. We invite you to actively participate in this community effort. Share your expertise, contribute to the documentation, and help us maintain a high standard of clarity and relevance.

Documentation isn’t merely about words on pages; it’s about empowerment, collaboration, and ensuring your success with automation.

Discover our HUGO-powered website: Leveraging HUGO  ensures a seamless documentation experience. From internal link validation to PlantUML integration and a VS Code-friendly setup, optimize your editing journey. The GitLab pipeline adds an extra layer, validating both internal and external links using HTMLProofer, preventing the haunting of dead/broken links.

To explore our GitLab project for the website, visit c2platform/website

Now, let’s embark on an exploration of the world of automation together!