Ansible Inventory Project

An Ansible Inventory project contains inventory files, plays, host configurations, group variables, and vault files. It is also referred to as a playbook project or configuration project.

Examples of such projects include c2platform/ansible and c2platform/ansible-gis. These projects are structured to be used and consumed by AAP / AWX.

Within c2platform/ansible , you will find:

  1. hosts-dev.ini: a file containing host configurations.
  2. group_varsdirectory: stores group variables.
  3. plays directory: contains Ansible plays/playbooks.
  4. secret_vars directory: a dedicated location for storing secrets. For further details on managing secrets using Ansible Vault and AAP / AWX, please refer to the documentation.
  5. collections/requirements.yml file: utilized by AAP / AWX to install Ansible Collections from Galaxy.
  6. roles/requirements.yml file: similar to collections/requirements.yml, this file is used by AAP / AWX, specifically for installing Ansible Roles from Galaxy.

For further reference, explore the following guidelines:

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