Ansible Collection Project

An Ansible Collection project is a comprehensive unit that combines modules, plugins, roles, and documentation to enhance the automation language and manage infrastructures. It serves as a reusable and distributable package of Ansible content.

An Ansible Collection brings together modules, plugins, and roles to expand the capabilities of Ansible for infrastructure management. It is a standardized format for packaging and sharing Ansible content. These collections can be accessed and shared through the Galaxy website.

Examples of such projects include c2platform.core and c2platform.gis.

These projects are designed to make it easy for users to consume and integrate Ansible Collections into their workflows. For a complete list of C2 Platform Collections, please visit the

Galaxy website: C2 Platform Collections on the Galaxy website  .

More information about Ansible collections is available on the Ansible website see Developing collections - Ansible Documentation 

The c2platform.core project consists of the following components:

  1. galaxy.yml: metadata file describing the collection, including name, version, dependencies, and supported platforms.
  2. meta directory: stores collection-specific metadata files, such as dependencies and tags.
  3. plugins directory: houses custom plugins or modules developed for the collection.
  4. roles directory: includes reusable roles that can be utilized within playbooks.
  5. tests directory: encompasses tests to ensure the collection’s functionality.
  6. a file documenting the version history and changes made to the collection.
  7. provides essential information about the collection, including installation instructions, usage examples, and additional resources.
  8. .gitlab-ci.yml: see CI/CD Pipelines for Ansible Collections for more information.

These projects are designed to integrate Ansible Collections and empower users to leverage pre-built automation content for various use cases.