Ansible Projects

Ansible Inventory, Ansible Collection, Ansible Role, and Ansible Execution Environment are different types of projects related to Ansible. This section provides an overview of each project type and their significance in the Ansible ecosystem.

Ansible Inventory Project

An Ansible Inventory project contains inventory files, plays, host configurations, group variables, and vault files. It is also referred to as a playbook project or configuration project.

Ansible Collection Project

An Ansible Collection project is a comprehensive unit that combines modules, plugins, roles, and documentation to enhance the automation language and manage infrastructures. It serves as a reusable and distributable package of Ansible content.

Ansible Role Project

An Ansible Role project is a structured and reusable collection of tasks, variables, and configurations that provide specific functionality.

Ansible Execution Environment Project

The Ansible Execution Environment project provides a standardized environment for executing Ansible playbooks and roles.